Craft Portfolio

A list/library of works of physical arts and crafts I’ve learned/crafted in over the past ~15 years. Not all of them have photos, and I often don’t own the originals. I try to list the applicable skills/styles at a high level for those interested.

Roughly alphabetical by craft category. Mixed media is put where most appropriate.

Beading (Perler, mini perler, jewelry, etc)

IMG_2112 IMG_2116 WM_Complete2 2015-11-29 14.45.17 2015-11-28 19.17.25IMG_2206IMG_1051 IMG_0920 IMG_0924

Skills: Small and large (multi-plate) perler bead designs. Melting skills of standard (bead-shown) and flat (like the white-mage, no beads showing). Supplies for mini-perlers using all the hama colors.

No photos for: Hemp jewelry weaving, jewelry construction (see polymer clay images, basic jewelry skills there)

Next goals: beaded metal crochet for jewelry, bigger focal pieces. Massive perler/mini-perler pieces

References/Preferred Tools/Supplies


2015-06-03 13.25.54

Skills: Transfering/free-drawing patterns, carving out designs at a variety of depths for a variety of purposes (fabric and clay mostly)

Next goals: Wood carving and wood burning!

References/Preferred Tools/Supplies


Flowers_sm H_finished2 H_fullhandsIMG_2347GoombaAttached GoombaSonic1

Skills: Thread/standard/bulky weight crocheting, amigurumi, 2D and 3D pattern design, lace crochet, filet crochet, Irish crochet motifs, reading English and International charts. Also made an educational crochet game, Pattern, and a crochet pattern generator in Processing.

No photos for:  afghans, gloves/accessories, other amigurumi dolls

Next goals: metal crochet, full Irish crochet motif garment

References/Preferred Tools/Supplies


DSC01680 DSC01679 Tiger Cloud Agrias 2016-02-29 13.43.53 2016-02-29 13.43.11 2016-02-28 11.18.31

Skills: Sketching from life, on location, grid-based replication

No photos for: Lots of doodles

Next goals: Sketching in motion and better from my mind. Practice, practice, practice! Use as a base for paintings/drawings.

References/Preferred Tools/Supplies:
  • Mix of pencil weights and charcoal hardnesses, including charcoal powder for mixed media and dry pastels
  • Deviant art includes many helpful reference photos for real-life models

Dying & Fabric Painting

2016-05-17 11.48.48 2016-05-18 11.34.22 2014-06-01 17.25.25IMG_2099 IMG_2096 IMG_2095 IMG_2085 IMG_2083IMG_0950 frontRed

Skills: Tie-dying specific shapes, mandalas, and other designs. Dying with fiber-reactive dyes. Silk painting with gutta resists.

No photos for: Yarn/thread dying, painting with fabric paints and fabric medium-mixed acrylic paints using custom-made stamps and stencils.

Next goals: Long gradient yarn using batch-based acid dyes on wool.

References/Preferred Tools/Supplies:

Embroidery/Cross Stitch

2013-06-18 13.00.39 Mounted Nemo IMG_07792012-08-17 22.12.18 2012-08-17 21.51.45_sm

Skills: Pattern design of sprites or other custom work. Stitching on any count of aida fabric, evenweave linens, plastic canvas, and paper. A library of stitch types and styles.

No photos for: Needle point/crewel embroidery

Next goals: Beaded embroidery, more fun game designs

References/Preferred Tools/Supplies

Painting (traditional, sumi-e)

2015-08-23 11.23.17 2015-08-23 12.23.56 2015-08-23 12.24.04

2014-09-28 17.34.12_sm 2014-09-27 17.26.23 2014-09-28 17.23.18

Skills: Watercolor, Bob Ross-style oil painting, using a variety of brushes. The sumi-e up there was animation sheets for a game jam I did.

No photos for: oil paintings, light acrylic practice

Next goals: Acrylic with mediums, MORE WATERCOLORS!!

References/Preferred Tools/Supplies
  • Again, painting from life primarily.
  • Mostly Cotman tubes/travel plates (watercolors) and Blick oil colors

Polymer Clay

11390555_959145467483600_34958156677886179_n2015-05-23 01.45.40 2015-05-23 13.58.54 2015-05-23 14.51.08 2015-05-14 17.45.49 2015-05-14 21.31.55 2015-05-15 01.08.56 2015-05-20 21.06.36 2015-05-20 23.34.32  2015-04-26 00.37.092015-12-21 14.25.00

Skills: Wire and/or foil armatures and cores, color mixing, clay canes and cane reduction, makume gane, and many other techniques.

No photos for: Sealing clay with gloss, finishing touches on jewelry/figures, making custom tools

Next goals: More figures, bigger applications, more advanced sculpting. I also want to get into resin casting to preserve designs.

References/Preferred Tools/Supplies:

Sewing (clothing and accessories)

10671207_954307227918862_2748035173205958888_n2016-04-09 22.32.51 2016-04-10 13.15.432016-04-10 16.12.20 2015-10-02 21.30.30 2014-06-06 16.24.47_sm 2015-04-13 11.04.45 2015-12-04 17.32.59IMG_2076 IMG_2077_scale IMG_2079_scale2014-07-02 00.30.20

Skills: Making lined and unlined bags and wallets, repairing clothing, following traditional patterns (and then altering them as necessary), and embroidery pattern generation (see blackwork article on this site!), designing stuffed animals (with gussets/complex 3D shapes)

No photos for: Cosplay outfits, sewing progress on the apron, sewing stuffed animals

Next goals: More stuffed animals! And sellable projects

References/Preferred Tools/Supplies

Thread/Fabric Misc (weaving, kanzashi, kumihimo)

2015-12-29 23.50.39 2016-01-09 21.15.06 2016-01-30 18.22.42 2016-02-14 19.19.55 DeniseGift

Skills: Basic frame-building, weaving, fabric-folding (kanzashi) and a particular form of circular weaving (kumihimo).

No photos for: Kumihimo


Mishka02 2016-06-05 17.42.19 2016-06-05 17.42.05 IMG_2318

Skills: Intricate paper-pieced pattern design, fabric picking, geometric quilts, hand-tying quilts

No photos for: Hand-applique, hand-quilting, free-style quilting, proper finished quilted quilt

Next goals: Improv quilting. Procedural space-filling algorithms to generate and sew, more patterns to design

References/Preferred Tools/Supplies:
  • Anne Sullivan and Gillian Smith, two hard-core (ie not as distracted ;)) friends of mine
    • Anne started the Quilt Design A Day page that I have been keeping an eye on but have been too lazy to participate in
  • Pinterest has great inspiration on fabrics and designs >.> <.<
  • I. Love. Batiks.
  • Much of my hand-dyed fabric and thread is meant to feed into upcoming art quilts! Bwahahaaa!