The product of a 5-day quilting game jam at Disney Research Pittsburgh 2015 (and then ~3 weeks of work to make a portable version).

2016-03-15 13.47.44

2016-03-17 14.25.15


The game is is a two-player territory acquisition game. The narrative is that you are two generals controlling a single enthusiastic scouting party. General Spiral picks a direction (using 6 lighted buttons on a control panel that replaces the machine’s stitch selection panel), and the scouts run off until they run out of energy (leaving that general’s mark in their wake). [The machine sews the motifs according to a path generated by a raspberry pi hooked up to the machine’s USB feed]
Then General Flower takes over, picks a direction, and off run the scouts. The scouts have 4 energy before they run out of steam, and the different type of terrain costs different amounts of energy to traverse (1, 2 or 3). The game ends when the 6 outer towns have been scouted (the pink tiles. The center tile is worth 0 and costs 0 to traverse). 1 Prestige (victory point) is awarded to each general’s controlled tile and 3 Prestige for each town. The caveat is that any hex traversed more than once counts as 0, since The Queen decrees that’s sloppy scouting. At the end, the score is sewn at the upper right.

2016-03-15 15.31.41

The original 5-day jam was for a 13-food long-arm quilting machine with a serial USB protocol. Half our team decoded the input (I was part of that!) while the other half worked on game design. It was a great team-building exercise and made great use of visiting scholar and friend, Gillian Smith’s, awesome quilting/games background.

Update: Photos from the Sammy Showcase

2016-06-04 09.34.43 2016-06-04 10.31.00 2016-06-04 10.32.22


Some progression shots of the longest game of the day! The score was whittled down to 16-19. Unfortunately it was also quite off-center for some reason. All the others were great!2016-06-04 17.10.28 2016-06-04 17.25.55 2016-06-04 17.26.02

2016-03-18 16.31.30

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