ICCC 2017 Reflection

My summer started with a frantic trip to Atlanta for my first International Conference on Computational Creativity (ICCC)! I got to see and meet a bunch of cool people whose stuff I’ve been reading, including Anna Jordanous and her work on evaluating creative systems. I presented my Blackwork project as a co-creation workshop paper, hung out with friends like Swen Gaudl whom I haven’t seen since my England trip 3 years ago, shared a nice apartment with Kate Compton, and gave my buddy Gillian Smith lots of hugs when she wasn’t co-running the workshop on social justice.

I haven’t fully parsed all the nifty things I learned, but I did take a lot of notes. You can check them out if you want!

Some of what I took away…

  • Most people are still very confused and/or opinionated on what creativity is
    • Narrow scope: no one is creative. It’s a facade/perspective
    • Broad scope: anyone and everything has the potential to be creative. Make cool/new things and don’t worry about it.
  • Most people are still very confused and/or opinionated on intentionality and whether or not it is required
    • Can a robot artist explain their artistic choices? Do humans? So what if they can’t?
  • Text, music, and images are common domains. Mainly text and music. ICCC wins award for most creative demos/presentations
    • We had singing, live composition and playing performances, and a horse-masked man present erotic text generation

I realize I didn’t take many pictures. Too many notes. Darn!

Oh, and The Center for Puppetry Arts, where we had our banquet, was AMAZING!!!

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