Those of you who’ve seen my Facebook history or visited me know I had an herb spiral I made out of bricks in my yard.

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I also had a garden I built up a couple years ago after digging up sections of it and laying down hardware cloth, manually weaving/heavily overlapping the seams between each roll.

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Unfortunately, due to some construction, my gopher seal was broken and anything worthy planted was soon devoured. I’ve decided to go for a better-engineered slightly raised bed approach, which will hopefully hurt my back less, allow me to better access the things I plant, and renew my gopher defense.

First step was, as usual, smothering out the forest of weeds over the last month or so with tarps and cardboard. I also got a bit over-hyped and bought a load of cinder blocks to use as the “raised” bed portion.

Day two involved moving most of the bricks of the old herb spiral for use in a plot I plan to put down under the window that is currently a weed forest. I also salvaged as many herbs that were still alive from the spiral as I could.


Yesterday, Day 3, began the leveling and hardware cloth laying. Much faster than when it was buried nearly a foot underground >.> <.<
I also did some measuring and planning for the space to determine precisely how much material I’d need.


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