Making Dice Bags

I got a commission from a friend to replace a dice bag that be bought from me previously since his got stolen.

I use this pattern, as I like the fact that it’s lined and reversible.

A couple notes:

  • To make the bag have a middle strip in it for, say, some stamps or an accent, instead of cutting 8×6 on the fold (so that it’s really 8×12), I cut three pieces. 1/2 in on the middle for seam allowances, 1/4 on each edge for seams, and we get 3+3+2 = 8 inches of height. The boxed corners on the bottom of the bag makes the strip rest closer to the bottom.
    • 3 1/4×6 on the fold TWICE of the background
    • 2 1/2×6 on the fold of the strip color
  • Don’t leave a gap when sewing around the side/bottom of the lining. You turn the bag inside-out using the gap made for the tie-string, so you don’t need to leave an extra gap.
  • The channel for the tie can be as big/small as you need it to be; there is plenty of room for different kinds of materials: ribbon, para-cord, thick rope.
  • Sewing around/over the lapels in the various steps gets kinda messy/finicky for both sides. This would probably be the reason I pick a different pattern sometime in the future.
    • Also, watch out for the corner where the lapels meet in the last sewing step. If you don’t do things as even/consistent as you can, you can get a hole easily in that spot.

2016-04-09 21.45.23

My outer/inner lining for the Zelda bag!

2016-04-09 22.32.51

I decided to make 2 bags at once, the second one was using commercial Pokemon fabrics.

2016-04-10 12.04.55

Ready to sew and chop off some boxed corners!

2016-04-10 13.15.43

Boxed corners on the lining of the Zelda bag! So much ironing to make my seams lay nice.

2016-04-10 16.12.20

Finished the sewing parts of the bags. I forgot to take a picture of my stamped and threaded Zelda bag before I gave it to my friend. Pokemon bag was threaded black para-cord with ends burnt to minimize fraying.

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