Putting together a website that holds my crafting AND tech interests. I struggled with my identity… gamers do games. Crafters do crafts. Computer Science majors may not even work on games, and arbitrary tech meshes even less with arbitrary crafts.The overlap is so small, I had such a hard time imagining who my target audience would be. Do I want to sell my patterns? My crafts? My support tools? Shouldn’t I just set up an Etsy and forget about it? But don’t I have the programming chops to do everything myself?


Then I got some advice on Facebook to just slap that shit on there and get moving. I can do that. I can do things and stop thinking. For very short amounts of time…

1 thought on “Raaawr!”

  1. Analysis paralysis is something you will fight the rest of your life I fear, although you will find techniques that work for you to battle it to some degree.

    When you are a well rounded maker type (like you are), it becomes helpful to realize that just because you CAN do it all, doesn’t mean you should. Is it something you will really enjoy doing? Is it something that will take time away from doing something else that you will enjoy more?

    I don’t do website stuff because I’d rather be sewing, or designing, or drawing, or coding a game. I’m fine using someone else’s wheel and spending my time on something I will get more from. But someone else might vastly prefer web stuff to any of the things on my list. 🙂

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